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Vasso Galati

Vasso Galati has borne an April in Athens. From her very young age (being in the between of an older brother and a younger sister) she was trying to find her ‘calm’ close to the ART that she loved…She studied Fine Arts in ‘VAKALO’ ART AND DESIGN COLLEGE in Athens. She showed her work in many exhibitions in Athens, Milano and Paris.

V ASILIKI D. GALATI’S Company has launched to the Greek market its jewelers since 1997. That was the moment, when the experiences joined with the images of picturesque Greece depicting emotions deriving from them.

I n fact, Vasso Galati, wishing to express the Greek nature, the aura of the blue sea and the warm beauty of the sun shine, started creating her own pieces of work, little peaces of art- hand made jewelers for a special look.

T oday, Vasso Galati herself, with her team of artists, go on creating hand made jewels, with precious stones, turquoise, corals, or pearls , combining playfully the colors of the sea and the sun.

T he metals which are, mainly, used is the silver 925° (gold-plated 24K, or not), the silver-plated copper and the real gold (under order). Also they knit these metals along with special gold-colored or silver-colored thread, which is specialized for their job. The ‘mix’ of these materials gives to their jewels unique shades–color of gold or silver or pink gold, which you can find for the first time on the ‘jewel’s market’.

S o, each piece is unique, offering the highest quality of work and materials. The prices are really unbeatable.

Y ou can find Vasso Galati’s jewelry collections in selected shops all over Greece, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, U.S.A. and Russia.

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